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Как купить автомобиль / Car Buying Scenario
Часть 2
Paul acts very upset. Maybe he really is or maybe he's just acting it up a little bit. Paul knows that acting upset in front of the salesman will usually get them to bend. They will fear losing you if they don't give in to something.
"Okay, we'll fix it. We will fix the alignment," Jack says. "We would like that in writing on the contract, if you don't mind," Lisa adds. "That's no problem," Jack says. "Now, what about the brakes? Our mechanic gave an estimate of $250. A $100 isn't going to cut it," Paul says. "But the brakes on there are fine. Why should we compensate you for full price when you may get another ten, fifteen thousand miles on them?" Jack asks. "Our mechanic told us soon, which may be next month. The way we see it, the car needs brakes now. But because we are willing to bend to make this deal fly, and it is getting late..." "That it is," Jack adds. "Just deduct an even $200 instead of the $250. That should more than make up for whatever life is left on the brakes," Paul says. "All right. A deal is a deal. Take the car for $6,695 plus your trade-in. I'll go have Tom write it up," Jack says, offering his hand to Paul for a shake. "Wait a minute. I never said I would buy it for that. We still have some negotiating left to do," Paul says.

"Mr. White, please, be reasonable. We couldn't possibly go any lower in price. We are barely making any money as it is. We have to pay bills too, you know," Jack says.

"I know, I know. I don't have a problem with that. We know you need to make a living and we also know you make that living by selling cars. On some cars you make a huge profit and on some you make a marginal profit. It all balances out over the long run, right? So it is well worth it for you to move cars as fast as possible. Now, we are willing to write a check right now for $2,000 as a down payment if you let us take the car for an even $6,000 plus our trade-in. We would finance the rest through you, of course. How about it?" Paul asks after his beautifully prepared speech.

"I'm sorry, Mr. White, we just can't do it for that low of a price. That's way below book," Jack says. Paul gestures to Lisa. They both stand up. "We need a break. Why don't you take a minute to think it over, Jack. We're going to grab a soda real quick and be back in a few minutes."

Jack acknowledges with a wave as the two exit the office. Out at the soda machine Lisa notices it's 10:15 now. She and Paul are stressed from all the haggling, but they feel they have made progress and are very close to closing the deal. They both look forward to leaving in their new car. They notice Jack walking by, not looking very happy. About ten minutes later Jack shows up.

"Are you guys ready to close this deal?" he asks. "That all depends on you," Paul says. They all stroll back to the office. "So, did you have a chance to think it over?" Paul asks. "Yes, and if you want to make this work you're going to have to do better than that," he says.

"Wait a minu...
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