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Как купить автомобиль / Car-Buying Scenario
Часть 1
What follows is a realistic dipiction of a fictional couple going through the trails and tribulations of buying a car from a dealership. Observe in step-by-step detail how Mr. & Mrs. White strip the salespeople of their power from the time they walk onto the lot until the final signature.
If you ever wanted to be an actor, here is your chance for a starring role. The part you will be playing in the first act is that of Mr. Uninformed Buyer. However, by the second act your part will have evolved into a well-informed, shrewd negotiator. How much does this part pay, you ask? Anywhere from the low hundreds to well over a thousand dollars for one show. It all depends upon your experience and how well you can role play. The part involves thorough mental preparation, the ability to perform in front of a small live audience, and plenty of ad-libbing. Knowledge of the auto industry is helpful, but not required.
Paul and Lisa White are prepared to buy a car today. They know the exact model and features they want, have been pre-approved for a low interest loan with their credit union, and know the current value of their trade-in. They also have $2,000 in their checking account to use toward a down payment.
Two nights ago they shopped around and found just the used car they were looking for, but it was priced $7,995, which is about $1,000 higher than they wanted to spend. After a test drive, they left the dealership with a salesman''s offer of $300 below the listed price. Lisa scribbled $7,695 on the salesman''s business card.

Earlier today, Paul went back to the dealership and drove the car to his mechanic for inspection. Although the car needs a front-end alignment and brakes, everything checked out fine. Paul dropped the car off at the dealer late in the afternoon and told the salesman he would get some dinner and be back with his wife later. Before he left, Paul found out how late they were open so they could plan on arriving about an hour and a half before they close.

The Whites know they are looking between two to three hours of negotiating with the sales staff. By getting there 90 minutes before closing, they plan to wear down and tire the salesman the same way salesmen do with most of their customers.

Paul and Lisa took a refreshing shower, ate a light dinner, and stopped off at a coffee house for a cappuccino and to plot their strategy. Not only are they are refreshed, they are mentally prepared as well. Their salesman, however, is near the end of a long day and is likely tired from a full day of sales babble.

After carefully looking the car over again and taking it for another test drive, they seemed concerned about the price. Tom, their salesman, reads them.

"Have you already sought outside financing?" Tom inquires. Paul and Lisa are good actors and exchange an unsure look. "Well, no," Lisa says. "We were hoping that you could take care of i...
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